This is Planet Haley.  That’s mee!

I decided to start a blog because I was reading on Pinterest how much people actually make doing this stuff.  Beats webcam porn for easy cash, right? I plan on reviewing products and posting my thoughts about life, politics, and the things I am experiencing as a member of the up-and-coming take on the world generation: the most-hated-in-the-nation, the millennials.

I, like most Americans, have been struggling to keep my head above water, let alone achieve my dreams and goals in a reasonable time period. Sometimes I get so frustrated and anxious thinking about all the things I want to do and my inability to do them. Five years ago when I turned 18 and adventured out into the world, I had no idea things were going to be this hard. Dreams of driving around in a souped-up hotrod and being the envy of all the pretty girls soon dissolved into dreams of paying the rent on my own apartment and keeping the heat on in the winter. I’ve traveled and gotten stuck in other cities and states due to bad planning and placing my hopes in dancing jobs at unsuccessful clubs. I’ve allowed lazy men to take advantage of me for money and one-sided emotional support and put their needs and happiness in front of my desires.

All that is about to change. This is Planet Haley, and this is a written record of how I am going to make everything I’ve ever wanted and more happen for me.  This is for every woman out there who spends her time and money with fake friends getting wasted and is still unhappy at the end of the day.  This is for every woman who has ever started her own business and told her old boss to suck it.  This is for the teenagers who got slapped in the face with the reality that going tens of thousand dollars into debt for a degree that doesn’t guarantee you a job might not be the smartest thing to do in their life. This is for every black sheep and pioneer who wants to do it their way and prove the bastards wrong.

I hear you. Roar louder and let the world hear you, too. This is a safe space for different ideas; new things; making our own way.  This is a safe space for trying to stay on top of things in a 24hr, interconnected world and understanding how lightening fast change is going to effect our jobs, wallets, and relationships. This is raw, uncensored, and full of unpopular opinions. This is Planet Haley. Time to colonize, bitches!


Money burning a hole in your wallet? You can always give me some of it to say “thank you” for informing or making you smile today: https://www.paypal.me/planethaley . Your donations also will be assisting with paying for my college education, since student loans suck ass and my parents are broke. (I work two part times jobs like a good little citizen, and I’m trying to invest that money into some other exciting opportunities you’ll be reading about here on Planet Haley.) Help a sista out and when I’m a lawyer I’ll represent you pro Bono! (Unless you’re a neo-nazi or a war dog, because fuck those guys.)