Get That %$#&!ing Camera Out of My Face! (An Etiquette Guide for Crackbook Live)

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There’s been plenty of discourse about one of Crackbook’s newer features, the ability to broadcast Live video. Since it’s launch, we’ve seen both violent content, such as the murders in Cleveland ( ) being shared around, and you’ve probably seen your friends using the tool to sell lipstick and nail products. Since it’s so new, we’re just now starting to figure out what is and isn’t okay to post using the feature, so here’s a handy etiquette guide lest you commit an awful faux-pas and thus get blocked by all your precious followers.

  • Avoid overusing the feature for petty bullshit. Does the world (or your boss!) really need to see you attempting to do multiple tequila shots off a ski at your local dive bar? That content is much more appropriate for Snapchat and, just in case you mess it up and accidentally spill booze all over your new shirt, can be quickly deleted or re-shot before the entire world sees it. I know good judgement and alcohol don’t exactly go hand in hand, but maybe this is one instance in which we should try to form a copacetic relationship between the two. A good rule of thumb is if you’ve been drinking (or indulging whatever mind-altering substance you prefer) you probably shouldn’t go live. Same goes for videos of your random thoughts and insights. Consider editing and polishing those up before posting lest you get roasted in the comments section. Nobody cares about how much of a douche your baby daddy is or that the lady in the drivethru window’s eyebrows are most definitely not on fleek.
  • Monologues about your network marketing business How many of your friends “Go Live” daily and you ignore the notification (or click out of the video after five seconds) because you realize it’s just them trying to sell something? I’m not knocking your hustle, but people are starting to catch on and nobody really likes to be marketed to so aggressively.  Our generation has been drowned in advertising before we could walk and therefore are conditioned to ignore as much of it as we can so this might not be the most effective tactic in getting the word out about whatever you’re selling. An exception to this is using the feature to do a live webinar within your sales groups for education purposes, since people can comment and respond in real time with their questions. If you are attempting this method, be sure to prepare a great presentation ahead of time and stay on topic! Perhaps pre-record a video of you giving the presentation and watching it to see how you come across on camera to improve your public speaking skills. Knowing that you’re live can definitely make you nervous, and seeing yourself ahead of time can help boost your confidence to make sure you come across as a rockstar to the rest of your sales team!
  • At White- Collar or Networking Events Speaking of nerves and anxiety, believe it or not, some people are not comfortable appearing on camera. If you are going to be broadcasting the event on Live, a great rule-of-thumb is to ask everyone who might appear in the video beforehand if they are okay being shown in the video ESPECIALLY if you are going to call them up to speak. While someone might be cool with talking in front of a small group of 5 to 10 people, they might not be if they know it’s being broadcast live to the world. Be respectful of this and ASK PERMISSION. You should also ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask permission before posting a picture of someone on social media as well. Sometimes, people take time out of their hectic schedules to show up at events and may not look or feel their best because they’re getting over the flu, didn’t have time to do laundry, or have been chasing around their toddler for the last 2 hours. In their mind, showing up is a battle won and it’s really inconsiderate to post an image of them for the world to see that is unflattering. Don’t be an asshole; ask permission. You’ll come off as caring and professional, which is always a win in the business world!
  • When Shit’s Going Down As annoying as this feature can be, this is one of the biggest positives. If you witness police brutality, a political protest, or a blatant violation of worker’s right, put it on blast. We can be the change we want to see in the world if we start demanding it by holding those who abuse their power and oppress the common people accountable. Bear in mind that by posting videos like these, you may be supeoned to testify about what you witnessed. If the warehouse you work in is unsafe and your superiors (or union!) refuse to address the issues, consider broadcasting footage of the working conditions. A benefit of Live is that nobody can accuse you of altering or editing the footage in trying to debunk your efforts to expose corruption.

Can you think of anything else you would add to this guide? Add your thoughts in the comments!

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