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How many hours a day do you spend on social media, between Instagram, Facebook, your blog? It’s a lot more than you’re comfortable admitting to the general public, isn’t it? Welcome to Day 3 of 7 in the Planet Haley Publishing Blitz, and today we will be discussing two network marketing organizations I am a member of, why I chose those companies, and what they have to offer you should you decide to become an Ambassador as well.

The idea behind network marketing is that if a trustworthy friend reccomends a product or service, you’re more likely to buy it. These company encourage frequent social media posting almost to the point of becoming a human spambot. This obviously can be a negative thing- nobody wants to see a bunch of advertisining all over their Crackbook, but its effective. I saw three friends post about Thrive before I decided to take the plunge. Did I ever message or interact with those people? I occasionally liked their selfies, and commented even less frequently, but the seeds had been planted in my mind that this might be something I am interested in. This method of sales is nothing new- our grandmothers all knew someone selling Avon door-to-door to other housewives striving to earn their very own pink Cadillac; the business model has simply evolved and adapted to the digital world.


Thrive is a three part nutrition and wellness system that consists of taking a few vitamins in the morning when you first wake up, having a protein shake (“Lifestyle Mix”), and putting on a cute patch to keep your metabolism going for the rest of the day. They also carry other products, such as a collagen protein gel to eat before or after working out. As far as if Thrive works or if you really do get all this extra energy people are going on about, please refer to my previous post regarding my 3-day Mini Experience —->

Brand Ambassador duties include posting a daily selfie with my patch, reaching out to people over messenger who you think would benefit from the products, and attending a variety of webinars and face-to-face meetings with other ambassadors to discuss sales goals and marketing strategies. Overwhelmingly, the other ambassadors are very positive, motivated people who have incorporated the products into an overall lifestyle: They are busy, determined folks who dream of building bigger and better things for their families, and I love that about them. However, they’re not kicking ass in life because of Thrive; their true power comes from within and Thrive is the vehicle that amplifies it by getting their bodies in premium shape in order to execute the tasks necessary for achieving their dreams. The company also has an excellent incentive program that allows you to win free vacations, iPads, and a luxury vehicle financed by the company (which, for my superstar hu$tler readers, one could, in theory use to drive around for Lyft and make even more cheddar) If you would like to try your own 4-Day Experience, it’s only $20 right now along with free coaching and support from me and the other ambassadors to get the most out of your sample. You can create a free customer account and check out the products, nutrition facts (vitamins, probiotics, etc) at my website —–>


The other program I am a part of is Kannaway, a CBD oil manufacturer. They are owned by Medical Marijuana Incorporated, which is a publicly traded company you can buy stock in. I had first heard of MMI a few years ago and immediately bought some shares of what was once a penny stock. The company is only growing as they attempt to distribute nationwide, and are expanding into Europe soon. I chose Kannaway over the other CBD companies because I already owned stock in them and have watched their holdings grown via the Interwebs. (Foxy Pro Tip: Stalk the Stock Market, not your Ex’s Crackbook timeline. You’ll get more out of it in the long run, I promise. Your Ex is probably a turdfacedbuttlicker, anyways.) Like Thrive, Kannaway has a rank-based incentive program where you can earn free stuff and vacations.

I don’t think I need to go too in depth about what CBD is since there is already wealth of that information out there already, but the basics are that there are two compounds inside weed that effect the body differently; THC is known more for it’s psycoactive effects, being “high,” and CBD is where all the positive health benefits come in. It’s used to treat Alzhiemer’s, Huntington’s, Anxiety, Crohn’s Disease, and countless other conditions. (Fun Fact: Most employee drug screens only look for THC, so if you’re in pain, don’t want to take opiates, and don’t want to loose your job, CBD is for you!) Some of the products we sell are energy chewies, oils, capsules, and a great salve for aching muscles! The items are a bit pricey, but extremely high quality and you get what you pay for.

I am a firm believe in the Power of Pot and have been smoking regularly since I was 14. I could go on about how weed helps my anxiety, and it does to a point, but the truth is I just like smoking weed, and that’s okay. You should educate thyself about the Endocannibanoid System within your body and I’m certain once you do your research you will arrive at the same conclusion I did: Humans are supposed to smoke pot. That is a whole discussion for another post, though, and not something I feel I can properly cover in appropriate length today.  A big reason I got into the business is when I was reading all the research about Alzhiemer’s and weed coming out in the last few years ( , , and a million more), I couldn’t help but think that we could have saved my Grandmother had we gotten her on a medical marijuana treatment plan. We’ll never know, but I think would be cool to start a charity called “Ganja for Grannies” and pay for patient’s treatment who cannot afford to do so or who’s doctors have denied them access to care. Legal weed for everyone has been a cause close to my heart for a very long time, and I signed the petition going around to get it on the ballot this November in my home state of Michigan.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some magical oils, you can shop Kannaway’s products here —> . My ambassador ID is 4345438, if it prompts you to enter it at checkout. I’ll send you a nifty, handmade gift to say “Thank You” for the support.


Are you part of a network marketing business? I’d love to hear about why you chose the company you did and what’s its like to be an ambassador for them. Tell me all about it in the comments section!

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