#foxrules : 5 Big Ideas to Live By

Regardless of your belief in metaphysics or energy transference, it is a fact that your actions will effect others around you. The pop bottle you tossed out of your car window may smack another driver’s windshield, your public chewing out by your boss may inspire other employees to quit their shitty working conditions, and your refusal to cover another employee’s shift may have repercussions with production to be felt all the way up the supply chain. Everything we do effects other people, so don’t be a total fucking dick.

  1. Always be Networking Make friends with people, not necessarily because that friendship can immediately benefit you monetarily, but with the intention of making a genuine connection. You don’t know who (or what!) could be the gateway to an exciting new opportunity, so try not to write anyone off (unless it’s clear their intentions are an unwanted sexual advance. That’s a whole other story.). Friend people on social media you meet at events, follow their bands, blogs, and brands, and see where both parties can benefit from working together. We’re all stronger together- build those networks and connect people in your network with similar interests and ideas with people in theirs: Know a band looking for merch and a promotional products distributor who makes t-shirts? Introduce those people!
  2. Cut People Off When They Become Toxic or Negative Your friend always asking to bum a $20 until payday when he keeps forgetting that he still owes you from last week? Start saying “NO,” especially if you know they’re spending it on drugs or alcohol. Planet Haley strongly supports educated adults making their own choices about what to put in their bodies, but we do not support funding the local crackhead’s “extracurricular activities” at our own expense. This goes for emotional well-being as well. If you told your friend you were going to audition for a dancing job at a high-end place, and they respond with a buzz-killer like, “You’re not going to make it; maybe try somewhere else first?” instead of “GET IT GIRL! YOU’RE GOING TO ROCK THAT STAGE LIKE THE BADASS BITCH YOU ARE!” perhaps consider not discussing your future career opportunities with them again. This goes hand-in-hand with number one; we all need a strong support system, and if the members of your support system are dragging you down with their negative bullshit, it’s time to do some housekeeping and maybe hang out with other people.
  3. Mind Your Mouth This is not a dis on profanity, because I fucking love saying whatever shit I want- no matter what certain assholes think- it’s about being conscientious of how we form our sentences and the language we use. “I can’t” “I won’t” etc. There’s thousands of thinkpieces on the Internet about how we shape our reality with our language, so I’m not going to get too in-depth here, but actively start thinking about what you say. If everything out of your mouth is negative, how can you ever expect something good to happen? If you won the lottery, you’d probably be bitching about all the income tax instead of being grateful for your windfall. Understand the effects of your words, and use their power for good. Tell your insecure friends they look sexy as all hell when they do. Don’t lie to them, obviously, but recognize achievement and encourage others to follow their dreams. Be a shining beacon of awesomeness in this fucked up world, and shine your light on everything. Be that person who’s happy energy changes the entire vibe of a room when you walk into it.
  4. Thou Shalt Be Real In Sociology, we discussed how people put on “masks” to fulfill certain roles in their lives: There is Susan the wife, Susan the mother, and Susan the award-winning astrophysicist; Susan acts differently when training her son to use sippy cup versus when she’s presenting her research onstage at a convention. Chisel away at those masks and try to be those most authentic version of you whenever possible. This is difficult for people without any strong convictions about anything- those who play-act into whatever role you think people would like the most. Unless you are a phenomenal actor, people can see through it- ask any stripper who has pretended to be interested in some else’s marital problems when all she wants to know is if he wants a lapdance or not.  Doesn’t work unless your acting skills are primo, right? Has “being fake” ever pissed anyone off because they can see through your act? Even if you’re a little afraid of saying what you really feel (Hint: You’re not; that’s your anxiety worried about what other people’s reactions are going to be, and your anxiety is a dick who is just holding you back. Tell him to shut the fuck up.), try doing it anyways. Be the most authentic version of you in everything you do and soon your real tribe will find you. You probably don’t know what I mean by “real tribe,” and that’s okay because it’s a hard idea to put into words, and I’m still exploring the concept myself. You’ll know who those people are when they find you.
  5. Don’t Be An Asshole We’re human; we’re going to fuck up on occasion weather it’s our fault or a result of shitty circumstances. Don’t dwell on it or let it consume and define you- move past that bullshit. However, if your actions harmed or inconvenienced another person, apologize and make it right! If someone gave your their weed to hold on to and you smoke it all, replace their weed and own up to it. If you accidentally spill a protein shake on your work computer’s keyboard, clean it up as best you can and when your boss asks why the “Z” key is stuck, tell them why and offer to replace it. You probably won’t HAVE to replace it, but you’ll get points for being honest instead of lying about it and insulting his intelligence by thinking he’ll eat it hook, line, and sinker. Fun fact: honest, good employees are usually given positions of power and better benefits and the dishonest ones usually end up being terminated somewhere down the line. Just don’t be an asshole, okay kids?


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