Let’s Get Political: There’s an app for That

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled anti-programming. Planet Haley has been on temporary hiatus due to serious behind-the-scenes technical difficulties, and we’re proud to announce a one week, one article a day publishing blitz to make up for lost time as a special gift to our Colonists to thank them for their continued patience, loyalty, and support.


Today, we’re going to be discussing the American political machine and how ordinary citizens like you and I can become involved in the legislative process.  I know many people have lost faith in our democracy and the power of our votes, and that is all the more reason to get involved. Bitching about corruption does nothing directly to solve the root causes of the problem, although indirectly your passive-aggressive Facebook posts throwing shade at the 1% may have inspired a follower of yours to become political, thus is the dream of the armchair slacktavist.

We’re all aware that it’s possible to contact our representatives and let them know our feelings on any piece of legislation we desire, sign a petition at the county fair to legalize marijuana, volunteer for a campaign and wallpaper neighborhoods with gubernatorial flyers, or attend a town hall forum to ensure our voice is heard in person.  These are all wonderful methods of fulfilling our obligation to preserve (or establish) the ideals of freedom we cherish, and things we should try to do whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Yes, you are obligated to get involved in the democratic process. We learned in school about the grandiose idea of one person, one vote; that everyone from the lowest beggar on the street to an elderly Caucasian man sitting on the board of directors at Exxon has an equal voice in our society. I know this is not our true reality; that lobbyists and political action committees have much more of an influence on our legislative process than our vote come November, but is this not alone a reason to get involved? How can we change something for the better if we don’t even know how it works? Can you write in the comments section what a political action committee is, without Googling it? I bet the average person can’t, and that is a problem. We shouldn’t give a rat’s ass about an overly inflated Kartrashian ass when the likelyhood of a nuclear war being started over a social media platform recently cannonballed into a realistic possibility never far from the forefront of the collective consciousness.  You don’t like Donald Trump? GREAT! Start discussing how to identify and boost leaders within your own social groups who innately understand the struggles of the common people and can spearhead efforts to identify and implement creative solutions. If we want to re-Colonize the world with our “radical Millennial ideas,” we have to develop those ideas further than, “I think a woman’s body is her sovereign domain, and if she wants to have an abortion, work outside of the home, and choose to not shave her legs she should be free to do so without the threat of violence or other negative sanctions.” Do you, the employer, provide a positive environment where your employees unique skills and backgrounds can flourish, leading to higher job satisfaction and a desire to give back to the company, a place where both sexes feel safe at work and free from harassment? Did you, upon seeing an Instagram model’s picture with grown out, dyed armpit hair, merely crinkle your nose in disgust and scrolled past it, or did you take 10 seconds out of your life to call a stranger on the Internet a rainbow chimpanzee, temporarily forgetting the childhood lesson about what you should do if you don’t have anything nice to say? It’s time for all of us to get humble and start actively being the change we want to see in this world.

I am going to end this post with an interesting article that I believe provides a peek into a possible, exciting new direction for our democracy. https://www.wired.com/2014/05/countable/

Yup, there are now apps for us to communicate with our elected representatives easily and efficiently, all from the comfort of our very own fried chicken crumb encrusted hand me down trap house sofa, via piggybacked WiFi compliments of the cool neighbors. From Twitter debates about foreign policy, Communist meme stashes, and now voting apps, the proliteriot of the world now have more ways than ever to organize their collective knowledge and resources, as long as we can preserve a free and open Internet.

Isn’t the future wonderful sometimes?

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