Top 5 Things I Do to Maximize Productivity 


We’ve all been there. Trying to bang out some work and the sirens call of our Facebook feed keeps distracting us with humorous political memes and annoying messages from Fuckboys trying to slide into our Inbox.

Here’s 5 strategies I use to actually get work done. Feel free to implement these in your own lives, Colonists, and watch how much faster you get shit done!

1. Silence, fools!

The best thing I can do is mute open conversations and notifications on my phone. I can’t begin to tell you how irritating it is to be in the middle of listening to a podcast about marketing strategies when that “bing” sound and a circle pop up on my screen with some random message. If it is urgent, THEY WILL CALL. Otherwise, swipe it off your screen and go back to what you were doing. Next time, I SILENCE YOU FOOLS!

2. Caffinate

About half an hour before I plan to start working, I drink a cup of my home brewed SunTea. (The recipe is on my Instagram if you want to try it- follow me @ladyxfox ) It doesn’t make me jittery like espresso or (you know who you are…ahem….) snorting an Adderall when it’s crunch time would. It’s not just about the caffeine,  though. The act of sitting down and enjoying a cup has become almost ritualistic for me; it’s partially about shifting my brain into, “Okay, now we’re going to sit down and knock this shit out like a BOSS!” mode.

3. Have a Plan

While I’m doing my caffination ritual, I meditate on what I want to accomplish during the work sesh and, more importantly, how I’m going to complete it. For example, if my project is to create a new blog post I will first flick through the note on my phone where I save quick thoughts and ideas throughout the day when the Inspiration Fairy strikes. If I don’t have anything there, then I will search Pintrest for ideas of things to write about. I got the idea for this post from a pin saying to write a top 5 list of something readers would find useful. Then, I know when it’s time to sit down and work exactly what I’m writing about and how I will go about completing it.

4. Stay Motivated

I keep a couple of stones a wizard friend of mine charged up on my workspace where I can see them. Weather you believe in all the Pagan hubaloo or not, having something to focus on that reminds you of your professional goals is a great way to stay motivated if you find yourself distracted or discouraged.  Some ideas are a picture of that place you want to vacation to, that brand-new BMW you want to lease, or the children you want to make a better life for. Remind yourself of your goals, not the headaches you have to go through to get to them.

5. Reward yourself!

Parenting magazines will remind you that positive reinforcement works much better than negative when attempting to discipline/train your spawn. This also holds true to us grown-up kids who are just pretending to adult until we can run off to our next music festival. Give yourself a small reward every time you finish a project you look forward to. It can be as simple as smoking a joint behind the garage, watching another episode of that new show you’re stuck on, or hitting the corner deli for a piece of cheesecake.
These are some of the things I’ve been doing to grow this Blog and my brand. In the comments,  I invite Colonists and visitors alike to share their favorite productivity tips. Let’s teach and learn from each other!

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