Bartending Machines: Another case of robots “Taking our jobs” or innovative creation for business owners?

I would like to bring the following article to my Colonists attention:

As a service industry veteran from the time I was 17, this is an alarming new development. I grew up in the Rust Belt; I’m not old enough to remember when automation first hit the factories, but I was in high school during the Great Recession and saw firsthand how devastated our communites were. I don’t think robots are completely to blame; the executives who green-lit outsourcing to Mexico and the 3rd world are mostly responsible in my opinion. “Nobody can stop globalization; it’s just how things are going to be and American workers are just going to learn how to compete or become obsolete” is the phrase our better-to-do friends and neighbors would say as they sipped their single-malt scotch with a shrug while we fantasize about shoving a “Make America Great Again” hat down their stupid throats until all you can see is the “Made in China” logo.

Automation is now hitting my field. One thing I did learn from my experiences in the Recession was that you have to learn how to anticipate trends and new technology and how they are going to impact your field. I feel as if a lot of people were caught completely off-guard by the Crash. Maybe they were too busy between taking care of their families and a full, old-fashioned work week, which is understandable. Colonists, we need to learn from their mistakes.

Through the annals of history, a familiar pattern emerges: Whitney’s cotton gin led to the decline of slavery once field hands weren’t needed anymore to separate the seeds from the fibers. Meanwhile, textile factories in Lowell, Massachusetts and other northern locations popped up seemingly overnight to churn out miles of inexpensive fabric. A new technology was introduced and with it brought new industries. This is happening once again as automation replaces service industry jobs. Fifteen years from now, ordering a drink through a physical person will be a novelty reserved for the most upscale of establishments. Perhaps the resurgence of craft cocktail bars are a result of forsight on the owner’s part, or perhaps this was an unintended side effect of following the gastropub trend. (I personally despise the pretentious piece of vernacular forcibly inserted in our collective conciousness.)

This blog is geared toward millenia readers; most of us are in college or about to be and faced with the Beast known otherwise as Student Loan Debt. I waited a few years before taking the college plunge because I was absolutely petrified at the thought of taking on that financial responsibility coupled with a dynamic employment market; who could say weather a degree is a good investment or if my chosen field would go the way of the dinosaurs come graduation. I think the only safe bet education-wise is Information Technology. In the coming weeks, I’m going to sign up for an online programming or coding course and give you my feedback. As someone with absolutely zero knowledge of this sort of thing, I am going to honestly assess the level of difficulty, financial commitment, and potential payoff for padding the resume. Wish me luck!


Discuss in the comments:

1. How is technology changing your field of employment, positively and negatively?

2. What kinds of online IT and coding courses have you explored and how, if at all, did they benefit you?

3. What other emerging market trends have you noticed that may impact the service industry as we know it today?

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